Certified Natural Jade Rings

There is a famous Chinese saying, “Gold Is Valuable, But Jade Is Priceless.”  

Being two of the toughest gemstones in the world, natural jadeite jade & nephrite jade are the perfect gemstone for daily wear especially for rings.

Perfect for men and women alike, Mason-Kay offers natural jadeite jade rings including fine gold rings as well as solid jade bands. Please note that solid jade bands cannot be sized.

Shop our genuine jade rings in colors of green, lavender, ice (colorless, translucent), water jade, red, yellow, white, grey and black.

Our company is based in Colorado, USA and offers jade testing services in-house so that we can guarantee our natural gemstone product. All Mason-Kay Jade Jewelry Is Guaranteed Natural, Untreated Jade and All Orders Always Include Our Certificate of Authenticity and Mason-Kay Gift Wrap.

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